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As an impassioned advocate for innovation and strategic growth, I've carved a niche for myself in the dynamic intersections of product management, growth strategy, and venture capital. Keen on driving growth, innovation, and efficiency across diverse sectors like fintech, healthcare, transportation, and energy.

My career journey has allowed me to wear multiple hats - from co-founding JULO Exchange, Inc to spearheading product, growth, and investment strategies at Frog Design, Brands of Americas, Booster Fuels Inc, and most recently, Cap Table Coalition where I’ve played a key role in deploying $30M into high-growth startups. I take pride in my ability to identify and nurture potential, having invested in companies across various stages and sectors.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm deeply committed to mentoring and volunteering, aiming to empower the next generation of leaders and innovators. Whether it's mentoring at Techstars or leading initiatives at the Notre Dame Tech Forum, I believe in the power of community and collaboration.


I believe in putting the founder first. Intent on empowering founders with the network, experiential, social, and financial capital to establish lasting businesses.

I believe in the power of behavioral science and incorporating product best practices to emphasize outcomes as opposed to outputs.

I believe in the intersection of building the right product and building the product right.

Perspectives and Resources

Leverage a decade of experience in Venture Building, Product Management, and B/D Strategy. Categories

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Venture Design Framework
As a venture capitalist who has traversed the path of a start-up founder and product manager, I am excited to share some insights on Venture Design, a pivotal framework for your success. Setting: Changing Goals Throughout the Start-up Journey In the world of Venture Design, the needs of a start…
Applied Behavioral Science: Building the Right Product
Applied behavioral science applies behavioral insights and theories to real-world contexts, aiming to create practical interventions for behavior change. It differs from behavioral economics by focusing on broader behavioral outcomes beyond economic decision-making, and from academic behavioral scie…
Venture Building - Success Metrics
I hope this message finds you filled with enthusiasm and passion as you embark on the incredible journey of building your startup. As a venture capitalist with a background in product management and having been in your shoes as a founder myself, I understand the challenges and joys that come

Venture Capital

Cap Table Coalition (learn more)

Website: captablecoalition.com
Role: Investment Committee Member
Investment Style: Co-Investor (Non-lead)
Summary: The Coalition is made up of high-growth startups, VC firms, and emerging fund managers who want to work to close the racial wealth gap.
Fundraising: stage and industry agnostic

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Alumni Ventures (learn more)

Website: av.vc
Role: Venture Fellow
Fund: 116th Street Ventures (Columbia University affiliated)
Investment Style: Co-Investor (Non-lead)
Summary: 116 Street Ventures is part of the Alumni Ventures family of venture funds. Alumni Ventures is consistently recognized as one of the most active venture firms in the US, according to PitchBook. The firm employs over 50 full-time venture investors, has raised more than $1B, holds a rapidly growing portfolio of over 1,100 venture-backed companies, and counts 600,000+ community members and subscribers across all of its funds.
Fundraising: stage and industry agnostic

Chicago:Blend (learn more)

Website: chicagoblend.org
Role: Venture Fellow
Summary: Chicago:Blend is on a mission to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in Chicago’s venture capital and startup community. We publish annual diversity data, help underrepresented and overlooked professionals break into VC, and deploy necessary DEI resources to the community.

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Portfolio Investments

I have a bias toward early-stage (pre-seed, seed, and Series A) opportunities in the following spaces:

  • Fintech (includes real estate and insuretech): increasing digital adoption, regulatory advancements fostering innovation, demand for convenient and inclusive financial services, and technological advancements such as AI, blockchain, and open banking, driving disruption and growth in the industry
  • Climatech/Energy: urgency to address climate change, growing demand for clean energy solutions, supportive policy frameworks promoting renewable energy, technological advancements in energy storage and efficiency, and increasing investor interest in sustainable and impactful ventures
  • Transportation/Mobility (includes logistics): rise of e-commerce, demand for faster and more efficient delivery services, advancements in autonomous vehicles and drone technology, emphasis on sustainability and last-mile solutions, and the need to optimize supply chain operations amidst changing consumer behaviors
  • Healthtech: rising healthcare costs, increasing demand for remote and personalized care, advancements in AI and data analytics, regulatory support for digital health solutions, and the need for improved patient outcomes and access to healthcare services, driving innovation and investment in the sector
Booster FuelsEnergy Transportation | Clean TechSeries BMadrona Venture Group | Maveron | Perot Jain | Atel Capital Group
HopskipdriveTransportation | EducationSeries DEnergy Impact Partners | Keyframe Capital Partners
Fox & RobinRetailPre-SeedAngel round
ExotaniumCloud computingSeries ACambium Capital
HeyJaneHealthcare | Women-FocusedSeries AAlumni Ventures | Jesse Robbins (Angel)
LoralsHealthcare | Medical devices | CPGSeedBackstage Capital | Lucas Dickey (Angel) | Elizabeth Braman (Angel)
FlourishSAAS | Personal Finance | Finance TechnologySeedMagma Partners | Canary | First Check Ventures
MedHaulHealthcare | TransportationSeed+Citi Impact Fund | Outlander Labs
Functional FinanceFinTech | InsurTechSeedAltai Ventures |Gold House Ventures
CastorFinTechPre-SeedUlua.VC | Latitud
GentemHealthTechSeries AVulcan Capital | Susa Ventures
Form EnergyClean Technology | Clean Energy | Batteries | Renewable EnergiesSeries ETPG | Capricorn Investment Group | GIC | Temasek Holdings
CASHDROPMobile Payment | FinTechSeedHarlem Capital Partners | Lachy Groom (Angel)
BumpFinTech | Creator economySeedSnapchat | Mastercard | Okapi Venture Capital
CoLifeReal Estate Tech | Shared HousingSeedAlpaca Ventures | Pivot North
Slang.aiBusiness Software | Ai/MLSeries AHomebrew
Tandem - Couples FinanceFintech | Mobile CommerceSeedCorazon Capital | Bright VC | Allianz
CollectiveFintech | SAAS Series A+General Catalyst | QED Investors | Gradient Ventures
GigEasyFinTech | Insuretech | MarketplaceSeedBain Capital Partners | Zeal Capital Partners | GOAhead VC | IA Seed ventures