Data Science For All - Correlation One

Project Title: How to help Restaurants survive COVID-19

Group leader throughout the entire Thesis Project for this Data Science Bootcamp.


What problem did you choose to solve and why?

Congress passed a $25 billion COVID-19 bailout for the airline industry but none for the restaurant industry, an industry that is four times larger in terms of sales and eighteen times larger in the number of jobs it creates. We were aware of the pain being afflicted on restaurants and provide actionable insights that will allow them to survive and thrive.

Team Mentor: Nish Fox (Slalom Consulting)

Our mentor is Nish Fox, from Slalom Consulting. She was instrumental in helping us cultivate a story, build a structured narrative, and provide best practices on datafolio and dashboard development.


Our project gives insights into how cities were impacted by the pandemic and how individual restaurants can survive (4,587,000 peak unemployment for industry). Our dashboard gives strategies on which consumers to target and how to adjust delivery/pickup depending on location. Going forward we plan to automate the dashboard, analyze more cities, and include more variables. Our project serves as a guide for how to best reopen and thrive in this new world.




Our report expounds on the data sources used for the project, all of them publicly available, under the following categories:

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis Data (GDP, Personal Consumption, Income, and Employment)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Unemployment)
  • Annual Retail Trade Survey (Monthly Retail Sales and Inventories)
  • Mobility Patterns (Apple Mobility Reports, Descartes Lab Mobility Changes, Google
  • Community, Foursquare Community Mobility Data)
  • Household Pulse Survey 2020
  • Restaurants platforms (Yelp dataset, OpenTable Data)


  • Received "Crowd Favorite" Award
  • Project Finalist (1 of 4 selected, out of over 150 teams)
  • Asked to present at the grand ceremony