We’d like to invite you to the next Notre Dame Tech Forum (NDTF) event on artificial intelligence (https://lu.ma/mo4lv6n0).

ND Tech Forum - Ai Panel · Zoom · Luma
We are excited to be hosting a panel around the subject of Artificial Intelligence across several peripheries: John Lalor (ND Mendoza faculty: Data Analytics…

This event will begin with a remembrance of our fearless leader, Amy Guarino, who founded NDTF and who is the reason so many of us are connected with each other.  Amy passed away nearly a year ago and we all miss her tremendously. We thought we’d share a bit of history as we reconvene and relaunch NDTF in its 23rd year. The tech forum was an offshoot of the ND San Francisco Bay Area alumni club that was founded in 2001.  Amy had the idea to build and foster a community of alumni, students and “friends of ND” to talk about issues impacting us all as participants in the tech economy.  As with everything Amy touched, the community became something very personal to those involved.  It’s how we met each other.  It’s how we connected one another with our networks, pre LinkedIn.  It’s how we talked about what we were each learning in our own little spaces of the industry.  And it’s how we connected what we do every day to something bigger.  Amy was the glue.  Amy made us all feel special.  Amy walked the talk. We aspire to live like Amy as we re-launch NDTF.  To that end, we ask for you to engage. Our community is better with more and deeper engagement. 

How can you engage?

ND Tech Forum - Membership Form
Welcome to the Notre Dame Tech Forum! We are a dynamic community part of the Notre Dame ecosystem, dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and advancing Notre Dame alumni who are making waves in the tech industry and tech-adjacent fields. Our forum serves as a vibrant platform for exchanging ideas, exploring innovations, and fostering professional growth. Our Mission: To empower Notre Dame alumni (and ecosystem at-large) by providing them with exclusive access to industry insights, networking opportunities, and professional development through thoughtfully curated events and discussions. Whether you’re a startup enthusiast, a tech veteran, or somewhere in between, our goal is to support your journey in the fast-evolving tech landscape. What We Offer: Each year, we host a series of high-impact events, ranging from keynote speeches by industry leaders, panel discussions on cutting-edge topics, to networking sessions that connect you with fellow Notre Dame graduates who are industry influencers and pioneers. Join Us: Be part of a network that not only looks towards the future of technology but is actively shaping it. Follow our page for updates on upcoming events, tech insights, and opportunities to engage with tech leaders and innovators from our Notre Dame family.
  • Attend events: the next one is a panel of Ai experts representing diverse fields to engage in effective discourse (https://lu.ma/mo4lv6n0)
  • Provide feedback:  we will be sending out surveys to our community members and attendees of events to further iterate on our promise
  • Suggest topics:  share ideas for upcoming NDTF events
  • Volunteer to host and/or organize upcoming events
And, finally, if you’re interested in supporting Amy’s legacy, you can also donate to her endowment at Notre Dame (https://fundraise.givesmart.com/vf/AmyGuarino).

Per Tim Connors, the idea for the endowment is that contributors will vote annually for the student startup that best aligns to Catholic social teaching.  The winner(s) will not just win funding but also mentoring from Amy’s community.  Doing well while doing good!  Also, FYI, Tim is arranging activities around the Florida State game weekend (on November 9, 2024 at ND) to announce the award winner and to connect with the IDEA Center, NDVC, and others in person.

More coming on that in future newsletters.

And our hearts forever, love thee Notre Dame.