Join me as I participate as a panelist @ FinTech Zona: How fintech products are impacting our comunidad

Date: October 5, 2023
Time: 10:00am-10:30am- PT
Session Name: FinTech Zona: How fintech products are impacting our comunidad
Session Type: Solo Session
Speakers within Session: Rebecca Picchi, Pablo Cruz, Francisco De Jesus
Direct link to Session:


Intro: Finance and Tech are go hand in hand, hence Fintech. Today we’ve gathered some great and knowledgeable folx to help us understand the behind the scenes of creating not only successful product, but also successful teams.

Make your plans to attend Techqueria’s 2023 Latiné Heritage Summit! The summit will take place virtually Oct 4th and 5th. Join hundreds of attendees to learn the latest Tech trends affecting our Latiné communities. Listen to an MVP cast of panel speakers who will be sharing their personal and professional journeys. Back this year by popular demand; our Career Expo. Meet and chat with HR reps who are actively looking to fill current roles. Have any questions as it relates to your resume? They could chime in and give you tips or guidance to make your resume stand out. Come back for Day 2 activities as we chat with community members Dreamers in Tech, FinTech leaders, Software Engineers dropping knowledge on what to do after completing your bootcamp and pros/cons with AI.

There really is a section for all walks depending on where your North Star is guiding you.

The conference starts promptly at 12p EST/ 11 CT/ 9 PT

Día 1

  • Welcome and kickoff with Keynote Speaker Sarah Ricketts Mailchimp
  • Nuestra Gente Convos
    Trailblazing AfroLatinidad in Tech
    A Conversation of being half Latiné in Tech
    New TechHub; Montgomery AL
    New TechHub; Brasil
  • Salud y Tech
  • Tech Que Nos Ayuda
  • Building un Mundo Mejor: Environmental Education, Social Justice, and Tech's Impact
  • Career Expo
  • Startup Tech
  • Dreamers in Tech
  • Nuestra Comunidad and AI
  • Decolonizing AI
  • Valor in Venture Capital
  • Keynote with Nerdwallet and Shaina P

Día 2

  • Welcome from TQ Staff and Board Members
  • Keynote Speaker Ricardo (Dreamer in Tech)
  • Nuestra Gente - Dreamers in Tech
  • FinTech
  • Reshaping El Futuro on Product
  • Consejo Corner
    Networking and Best Practices
    Hiring Managers and Effective Strategies
    Non Tech Roles
    The Token DEI
    Tech in Non-Profits
  • Negociando Your Worth
    SWE and Technical Interviews
    Searching starts contigo
    Balance Tech Careers and Health
  • Pie en La Puerta Breaking into Tech
    Sube en Tech

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