Join us as we explore the key elements—from payment gateways to banking platforms—that drive fintech's groundbreaking advancements.

In this exploration, we dive into the essential components that power the fintech world, where technology and finance merge to spark groundbreaking advancements. We'll examine the key infrastructural elements—from innovative payment gateways to transformative banking platforms—that are driving the future of financial services.

Get ready to uncover the core innovations at the heart of fintech, revealing a landscape rich with potential and ingenuity.
Chicago:Blend Talk by Pablo Cruz

List of companies following "Catalyst Areas" thesis under Fintech Infrastructure
Fintech Infrastructure
Fintech Picks/Shovels ID,Company Name,Link,Stage,Business,Terms,Comments 1,Finix,<a href=“”></a>,Developer of a B2B payment processing platform designed to let businesses own, manage and monetize their payments. The company’s platform uses modular, workflow-dr…

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