Grateful for Joey Mak, Salvador Dueñas, and the many others associated with Chicago:Blend. It’s been a privilege learning alongside this incredible cohort and VC community.

I believe the future is bright for Fintech and now, more than ever, there’s a need for a level of innovation in that space that is driven by positive consumer outcomes and ripe with actual financial best practices. As my dear friend, Matt Wallaert, would say: “Start At the End [Desired Outcome].”

My presentation emphasizes the need to support Fintech Infrastructure as a catalyst for Fintech innovation. We cover the Fintech Tech-Stack and how certain forces are making it evolve to a new dynamic. Finally, I offer investment themes and focus areas that take advantage of this thesis for all to benefit.

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Get ready to uncover the core innovations at the heart of fintech, revealing a landscape rich with potential and ingenuity.
Chicago:Blend Talk by Pablo Cruz
List of companies following "Catalyst Areas" thesis under Fintech Infrastructure
Fintech Infrastructure
Fintech Picks/Shovels ID,Company Name,Link,Stage,Business,Terms,Comments 1,Finix,<a href=“”></a>,Developer of a B2B payment processing platform designed to let businesses own, manage and monetize their payments. The company’s platform uses modular, workflow-dr…